Casting call for a film side hustle:Sept 4th to 6th 2015

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Casting call for a film side hustle:Sept 4th to 6th 2015

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Production title: Side Hustle
Location: Shalom House Off Ngong Road, St. Daniel Comboni Road.
Project type: Feature Film (96 minutes)
Production type: Independent Student Film
Production Company: Africa Digital Media Institute
Director: Teddy Gitau Kamau
Producer: Waruingi Mwaniki

Audition Days:
September 4th 2015 – 9:00 AM– 4:00 PM
September 5th 2015 – 9:00 AM– 4:00 PM
September 6th 2015 – 9:00 AM– 4:00 PM

Call backs:
September 14th 2015 – 9:00 AM– 4:00 PM

Contact Details:
Mobile: Vickie Kimondo - +254 737 366 154
Kelvin Isoe - +254 724 107 854
Brian Thiong’o - +254 721 129 628

1. Boys and Girls: 5 - 15 years. Talkative and Energetic. Outspoken.
2. Men aged: 21 - 60 years. Average height or taller. Can speak fluent English, Swahili & Sheng’.
3. Ladies aged: 25 - 50 years. Average height or taller. Can speak fluent English, Swahili & Sheng’.
4. White men aged: 35-45 years. Average height or taller. Can speak fluent English & understands a bit of Swahili.

JEFF (29 - 34)
TRAITS: Caring, loving, friendly, introvert, neat, uncertain, protective, rational.
Born Jeff Mwito in the year 1983 (32 years). Last born in a family of two. He went to Lenana High School, attained a B-. In 2004, he took a Diploma Course in Accounting and finance at KCA: attained a CREDIT. He later became an accountant at his brother’s company.
Hobbies include: Reading entertainment and car magazines, loves Hip-hop music, movies, collecting paintings and swimming.

ROSE (24 - 26)
TRAITS: Alpha female, greedy, manipulative, daredevil, loving, slut, obsessed, envious, vengeful, tactful, logical, extrovert, neat, street smart.
Born Roselyn Kanini in the year 1990. (25 years). She was raised by a single mum (Rachel) and had a small brother (Tim. 5 years old) who were both brutally murdered in the year 2002. She reached Class 7 then went into the drug world. She now owns and runs an ‘African Carvings & Art’ shop.
Hobbies include: Clubbing, reading novels, beading, travelling, swimming, cooking, movies, loves Reggae music and motorbikes.

RICHARD (45-50)
TRAITS: Powerful, violent, rich, short tempered, egotistic, greedy, tactful, secretive, introvert, neat, intelligent, opportunist.
Born Richard Mwito in 1966 (49 years). He had a tough childhood while growing up. Basic needs and school fees were at times a hustle. Went to Kenyatta High School where he passed with 4 Principle B, Bachelors in Business Administration at University of Nairobi in 1990. Opened his business, a car dealership in 1997.
Hobbies: Listening to Rhumba music, reading.

TRAITS: Powerful, rich, greedy, corrupt, prideful, relaxed, manipulative, tactful, intelligent, neat, opportunist.
Born Nicholas Montgomery in the year 1971 (44 years) in England. Studied Bachelors of Law at Durham University. He was extradited from Angola for drug trafficking charges in 2008. He’s a Real Estates investor in this country and has been residing here for about 4 years now.

TRAITS: Corrupt, driven, loyal, greedy, manipulative, secretive, violent, trigger happy, rugged.
Born Anderson Mwamba in 1980 (35 years). Went to Nguviu Boys High school attained a B-, then took Diploma in Criminology attained a PASS in 2001. He joined The Kenya Police in 2004 then later the Criminal Investigation Department in 2010.

ZOE (31-37)
TRAITS: Driven, tactful, manipulative, intelligent, logical, quick witted, charming, daredevil, classy, neat, and friendly.
Born Zoe Kihara in 1981 (34 years). Went to Kenya High School attained B+ then BA (Hons) in Criminology & Criminal Justice at Kenyatta University in 2004. She trained as a detective with the Criminal Investigation Department in 2007. In 2012, she started her own security company

MR. BULLIBAR (45-50)
TRAITS: Rich, greedy, corrupt, intelligent, neat, opportunist.
Born Bullibar Musia in 1967. He’s a 48 years old high ranking official in the Anti-Narcotics Department who’s more outspoken.

MR. WILFRED (50-55)
TRAITS: Powerful, rich, greedy, corrupt, intelligent, neat, opportunist.
Born Wilfred Nderi in 1962. He’s 53 years of age and is the Director of the Anti-Narcotics department. He’s more of a listener than a speaker.

TRAITS: Driven, tactful, intelligent, logical, quick witted, friendly.
Born Leonard Mwema in 1980. He’s 35 years and a single father to a young 4 years old girl. He’s a Detective with the Homicide Division.

TRAITS: Greedy, street smart, extrovert, corrupt, violent, killer, rugged.
He’s a heavily built 39 year old drug trafficker boasting an educational achievement of having reached Class 7.

SHIFTA (29-34)
TRAITS: Greedy, ambitious, cautious, street smart, extrovert.
Born Dennis Mukolwe in 1982. He’s 33 years old drug trafficker who owns a club.

DI QUEEN (21-24)
TRAITS: Rebellious, rowdy, slut, liar, extrovert, street smart.
Born Quinter Achieng in 1992.
Educational Background: Form 3.
She’s 23 years.
She’s a drug dealer’s girlfriend.

LION (29-34)
TRAITS: Logical, loyal, loving
31 years old.
A father and a husband.
Heavily built.
Works as a chauffeur and at times a bodyguard or muscle-man.

PEDDLER (24-28)
TRAITS: Jumpy, stammers,

SMALLPIN (23-25)
TRAITS: Street smart, extrovert, talkative.

RACHEL (43-48)
Born Rachel Njeri in 1959.
Mother to two kids.

TIM (5-7)
Born Timothy Ng’ethe in 1995.

12 YEAR OLD ROSE (11-15)
TRAITS: Rebellious, loving, liar, extrovert.

TRAITS: Talkative, driven, passionate, extrovert.

DR. HARUN. (38-43)
TRAITS: Caring, cheat, competent, glutton, intelligent.

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