Audition Alert for a full feature film 19th May 2015.

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Audition Alert for a full feature film 19th May 2015.

Postby Administrator » Sun May 17, 2015 11:53 pm

Working title: The Guilty
Production Company: 3D Afrika
Director: Albert Nyakundi
Casting Director: Gerald Langiri
Contacts for casting director: 0723875536 | Email:
Project Type: Movie (2 weeks shoot)
Audition date: Tuesday, May 19th 2015
Audition Time: 9am to 5pm
Audition location: Kenya National Theatre (KNT -Ukumbi mdogo)
Call Backs: By 22nd May 2015
To bring: Carry your headshot.
Shooting Starts: May 25th 2015
Shooting Ends: June 5th 2015

Working title “The Guilty” is a Kenyan movie that tells the story of an ambitious rich and privileged journalist, tired of writing gossip and entertainment news for a leading newspaper in the country. It is not the kind of journalism she had envisioned herself doing as she studied journalism. She yearns for bigger challenges than writing about wanna-be artists, politicians’ mistresses, and the not-so-important fashion industry. She always pictures herself doing important stories, the kind that changes society.

Her dreams come to reality when she unravels her biggest story yet, Child trafficking. Nairobi’s underground has grown. Child trafficking is on the increase. Everyone from the local government, street gangs, clubs and pubs, the police and the county officials is involved. An elaborate network from Nairobi city to the coastal towns of Mombasa and beyond has been established to traffic children for cheap labor in households locally, in the middle and Far East, illegal mining and prostitution.

An incidental meeting with a young 13 year old girl(Muthoni) running from would be kidnappers, gets Rai the story she has always yearned for. After getting part of the story from the young girl, Rai takes it upon herself to find out and expose those involved in this most vile of trades.

Based on a true story.

Characters wanted
PS: See audition sides, download, rehearse and come well prepared.

1. Muthoni – Girl aged 13 to 15 years. Extremely mature for her age. Beautiful, fair haired and light skinned girl. A bit tall and built for her age. Hardworking, does almost all the chores in the house and also begging on the streets. Strong willed. Dropped out of school but Hopes to go back one day In love with fashion magazines. Hates how she is living with her mother and begging on the streets.

Download audition side here for Muthoni's character >>
audition sides muthoni waiter receptionists.docx
(11.71 KiB) Downloaded 468 times

2. Olivier De champ- White/Caucasian Man aged 50+ years preferably of French origin. Has a slight limp and a wry smile. Hair turning grey but well maintained. A very strict disciplinarian, almost ruthless. Soft spoken and charming at face value. Medium height and weight. Blue eyes preferably. No Audition sides for this.

3. Sai.Asian Female girl aged 21 years to 24. A beautiful girl of Asian origin.Into trendy fashion,Innocent looking but a real fireball inside. Very aggressive , crazy and wild when high. Download audition sides >>
Sai audition sides.docx
(11.35 KiB) Downloaded 163 times

4. Asian (Indian) Male aged 30 and above. No Audition sides.

5. Street children Aged 7 to 17 (boys and girls) Looking for kids with rough rugged looks that are or can easily pass as your typical chokora/typical ghetto child. Preferably dark and skinny. Must be confident and can speak English, Swahili and Sheng. No audition sides.

6. Men and women (Kenyan – African) aged 24 years and above to fill up different roles like:
- Journalists/presenters - download audition sides >>
presenter journalists audition sides.docx
(10.69 KiB) Downloaded 523 times

– Waiter Download Audition sides >>
audition sides muthoni waiter receptionists.docx
(11.71 KiB) Downloaded 468 times

-Policemen. (30 years and above) Download audition sides >>
police and politician sides.docx
(11.26 KiB) Downloaded 214 times

- Receptionist, Download Audition sides >>
audition sides muthoni waiter receptionists.docx
(11.71 KiB) Downloaded 468 times

-Body Guards. (30 years and above) No audition sides.
-Watchman. No audition sides.
-Commercial Sw’s, No audition sides.
-Club Scene extras, No audition sides.

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