Audition Alert for “THE DIVAS” TV SHOW 16th May 2015

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Audition Alert for “THE DIVAS” TV SHOW 16th May 2015

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Audition Alert

WHEN : Saturday 16th May 1:30 pm – 5pm
TIME: 1:30 pm – 5pm

DIRECTIONS: We are on Dennis Pritt Road,Kilimani. If you are using public means you will take a no.46 bus from Kencom and alight at Galana Road. Its the next stop after Yaya Centre. Then take Galana to the very end where you will come to Castlebrok Apartments and you will see a dirt path on your right take that path till you come to a black gate where you will see the AFTTREC logo.

If driving, you can join Dennis Prit Road from statehouse and drive on past the Total Petrol Station till you come to the Dennis Pritt roundabout. Ahead of you ,you will see Lavington Security House take that road to the very end where you will come to a black gate
CALL : 0721 803 496 for further enquiries.


DEBRA: 23-26 year old - Pronounced as Deborah when she is in shags, she owns a classy Boutique in the city centre. Shes is a socialite, Elegant, flashy and likes fine things in life, including the rich boyfriends. Debra is from Kindu, but born in Suba. She takes care of her single mother but has a disdain for men.

BENITA : 23-26 years old – In a big whirl wind of civilization is Benita, hard working lady who owns a fish joint… She is a diehard fan of one of the local football team … Nicknamed Benz, she likes winning. She is competitive in all ways…in business and in her social life too. She is Debra’s best friend and roommate. At the moment She has a boyfriend named Ocholah.

YVONNE :20-22 years - Naïve Eve is a new bee in town. She is fresh, conservative, but curious too. She is in town to pursue her university degree.


Nyapiedho – Yvonnes Mother : 40-45 She is flashy, has a high sense of fashion and trends but nothing short of Drama .She has an “Orie Rogo Manduli” sort of attitude.

Gor: 40-50 years – Yvonnes Father but also a secret boyfriend to Debra, he owns the apartments in which the girls live. He lives in Kisumu.
Jaboya: 40-50 years Benitas dad.He is a nice dad, responsible and cares for his daughter. He lives in Kisumu.

Otit Mach: 23-26 year old A benga Musician/Promoter, he is Debra’s high school friend. Although a hustler, he brags of being well connected with the who is who’s of the social forums.

Atoti: 22-26 years- She’s Benitah’s good friend. A tomboy, she is loud and also has dreadlocks .She is a football fanatic and never misses the game.

Nyarseme: 40 years old Debras mum, From Ugenya, soft spoken, she Loves her daughter very much, and she will do anything for her.

Walter: 45- 50 YEARS, Debras friend- Single and with no intentions of commitment, he is a quiet man with lots of good things that Debra yearns for. He is always swallowed in his own world… but living large.

Ocholah:23-25 years - Known as Ocho, He is handsome and a good football player. He loves the game and everything that comes with the fame. In return, the girls love him too.

Nyarwath: 23-25 years Competitive, he is also into soccer.

Siphrosa:Early 40’s , “sugar mummy”, wealthy and always on the move…she has a lot of colour and big promises to the young ones.

Awino: 26-30 year, married with three kids, she’s Debras assistant in the shop. She is very talkative and she can always talk her way out of any situation. She a football die hard, and would do anything to support her team.

Neighbour:28 – 35..Shes the Divas neighbour, Married with three kids. Loves quiet and order.

Customer: 23-25 – High tempered, supports the other team.


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