Audition alert for a TV series 31st jan to 1st Feb 2015

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Audition alert for a TV series 31st jan to 1st Feb 2015

Postby Administrator » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:34 pm

Audition alert for a Television series

Genre: Action comedy
Production houses: 3dAfrika Media and Blackmerg
Dates: Sat 31st January 2015 and 1st February 2015
Time: 9 a.m to 4 p.m on both days.
Location: Blackmerg Studios, Maasai Mall Rongai, 2nd Floor, Suite 6B.

Eliash Ambinya – a.k.a Denge Berason a.k.a Junior Jaguar, a conman: 25-35 yrs.
Uses Nigerian accent, American accent and normal Kenyan accent. A very flashy dresser.

Joash Ntabo Ambinya: 45-55 yrs - Denge Berason’s father, a country bumpkin but a strict and persistent father. Heavy Kisii accent.

Ediroid Wikeri: 30-38 yrs - Male, a bodybuilder, a keen but naïve investor, desperately wants to get to the next level. Interested in learning the ‘witchcraft of money’.

Carla Mumbi: 23 – 30yrs Denge Berason’s ‘assistant’ a 10 on the looks scale, talks very very fast, has to be asked to slow down.

Agnetta: 25 – 33 yrs - Young woman, beautiful and bootyful, but with a comical ‘blonde’ nuance. She barely ‘gets’ anything. The cop, Samus Allan Ngige’s wife. A recurring character.

Simble Asaman: 38 – 49 yrs - A Somali/Borana looking man. In awe of Denge. An appallingly naïve investor. Wears a goofy smile.

Hectorina Minu: 30 – 38 yrs - Beautiful woman. A car sales and rental manager, in awe of Junior Jaguar. Always stating how her cars are suffering.

A boda boda man: 25 -35 yrs – Must know how to ride a motor cycle
A shopkeeper – 30 – 45 yrs Man or woman
2 speaking extras – Man and Woman in their 30s.

For more information call or text Albo on 0725939983

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