Audition alert for a Swahili drama TV series:15th Nov 2014

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Audition alert for a Swahili drama TV series:15th Nov 2014

Postby Administrator » Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:53 pm

Audition alert for a Swahili drama TV series:

Audition Date: 15th Nov 2014
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Location: Agape Church

Directions: take a number 14 Matatu drop at Madaraka shopping center , walk/ drive past the shopping center and garage into the church compound where there will be a sign for auditions.

Character briefs: Strictly if you fit the description given including the age.

PS: All MUST be fluent in speaking swahili.

1. Maria – late 30s early 40s, A mother to an 18 year old and 2 yr old boy.
2. Sita – 19 year old young lady who makes heads turn
3. Mr. Tumbo (Politician) – Male 40’s successful politician .
4. Watchy – A talkative medium built man in his 30’s with a comical nature.
5. Mwelu – A young lady late twenties from upcountry working as a house girl
6. Marko – Male, late 30’s looks a father to 3 children not very confident in himself
7. Kongo – 12 year old boy very clever very shrewd , naughty, cheeky
8. Ray – 20 yrs old male stylish, fun loving risk taker
9. Lawyer – 35 – 40 year old man has a sense of maturity presence and handsome
10. Warden – 40 and above- tough looking lady no nonsense (Appearance)
11. Saidi – (Politician friend) - Male early 30’s to mid 30’s (Appearance)
12. Mwelu’s son –. 5 yr old boy (Appearance)
13. Peter – Male mid 30’s a man you can trust (Appearance)
14. Willy – 12 year old boy very innocent looking.
15. Mother Superior – lady in her early 30’s looks very strict
16. Nun 1 – Female early 20’s looks very strict .
17. Kevo –Male late 20’s a hustler who runs a kiosk.
18. Mama mboga – female late 40’s
19. Neighbor – male mid 20’s
20. Levit – 12 yr old boy is charming and pleasent
21. kongo’s friend mum – Female late 30’s a mother to two
22. watchy’s wife – Female late 20’s tough no none sense
23. kind female neighbor – Femle 30’s kind woman
24. rich lady- Irene, - Female 30’s very stylish and beautiful

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