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OTC is a series that will explore the ups and downs of the character Maclemore an ex-convict who is on the search for the person who sent him to prison. The series explores what happens when men meet at the bars after a day’s work. The program will feature deals that are made under influence and the consequences of the same. The program seeks infotainment on such deals and exposes social and moral evils in our society.

Eljay Productions Limited, the makers of Kelele FM, Gereji Matata andMake My dream are casting for their new series.

Production Title: (working) OTC

Production Company: Eljay Productions Limited (Kelele FM, Gereji Matata, Make My dream.

Producer: Johnny Achagga

Director: Godwin Otwoma

Casting Director: Oscar Adema

Contacts for casting director: **

Project Type: Series (1 month shoot)

Production Type: Independent

Production location: Kenya

Company website:

Compensation: Yes.

Audition date: Tuesday, October 7th, 2013

Audition Time: 9am to 5pm

Audition location: Shalom House- Ngong Road

Call Backs: October 20, 2013 6:00 – 10:00 PM

To bring: Carry your headshot and Full photograph.

Shooting Starts: November 3, 2013

Shooting Ends: December 4, 2013

Character BIOS

Male, Age: 40

He is a high school drop-out but a smart man who has just been released from prison. His main quest is to unfold the events that led to his arrest since he was set up.

Female, Age: 38

She is a religious woman with a dark past. She is a perfectionist.

Male, Age: 60

Works as an undercover NCIS agent. He owns a bar and Hotel. He is wise, reserved, pragmatic, observant and patient.

Female, Age: 25

She is a college graduate but works as a cocotte since she could not get a job after college. She is charming, very good with words and a go-getter.

Male, Age: 33

He is a thug used by the influential people in society. He is ruthless and violent. He would do anything to get out of a tricky situation.

Female, Age: 15

She is a form three students who is wild and rebellious and loves partying.

Male, Age: 16

He is a brother but takes after the mother. He is religious and very obedient.

Female, Age: 15

She is the sister and Female A’s friend. She is a straight A form three student but loves partying. She is wild and rebellious

Male, Age: 40

He is Man A’s right hand man and is very loyal to him. He does the dirty work for Man A. He is reserved but can be quite a charmer.

Female, Age: 22

She is a house help at Man A’s house. She loves gossip and is a snitch.

Male B, Age: 20

He is a young man in campus. He loves partying and teasing people.

Male C, Age: 20

He is a young man in campus a friend to Male C. He loves partying.

Male, Age: 42

He is the assistant pastor at Hope Ministries (church). He is charming, good with words and cunning.

Female, Age: 25

She a personal assistant. She is a composed young lady who is smart. She does not trust easily.

Female, Age: 16

She is a religious, responsible young lady.

Male, Age: 45

He is a chubby middle aged man who is very gullible.

Female, Age: 35

She works as a Chemistry teacher. She is an intelligent lady with very good problem solving skills.

Male, Age: 40

He is a theatre teacher and is very opinionated.


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