Odd but interesting individuals wanted

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Odd but interesting individuals wanted

Postby Administrator » Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:34 pm

Title: Odd but interesting individuals
Africa Interactive Kenya is producing a series of individual portraits for a website that promotes better access to affordable internet.

They are looking for individuals who are NOT ONLINE with impeccable or unique hobbies, talents, creativity and skills that everyone in the world could benefit from if only he or she were online to expose their unique talent.

The hobby, skill or creativity could be in the engineering, invention, technology, agriculture or science sector. Anything really! They want these individuals to tell us about their story and personal experiences in video later as we progress.

Standard qualities of the personal stories around the hobbies.
1. Should be an individual
2. Should be offline(They could be on FB but should not have published their unique talent online)
3. Should be catchy, peculiar, entertaining both offline and online
4. Should attract an urban audience.
5. Out of the ordinary. It could be something ordinary that is done in an extremely extraordinary way.
6. Age, sex, sexuality and language do not matter as long as they can express themselves.

Think of:
- A very old man who owns a store with items from 100 years ago that not many people know about because they are not online.
-Someone with an extreme act of kindness done on a larger scale who is not recognized.
- A woman or man who has carved a house in a tree but it is not widely known about.

Basically, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

If you know someone that possess these qualities, kindly ask them to reach out to Nelly Oteki on Telephone 0702 643 886 or email nellyg.no@gmail.com. You can use the same contact information for queries and further clarifications and/or information.

Kindly share and tell a friend to tell a friend.

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