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GLOW GROWERS TALENT AVENUE (GGTA) is a mainstream film production house that projects a platform for aspiring actors/ actresses to elevate their dreams. This time around, GGTA is in for a bigger thing, the filming of an AIDS awareness film titled Bitter Honey.

.The auditions for the same will be going down on Tuesday 19th August, 2014 at Tracklab Recording Studio (Kawangware, Nairobi).

Interested candidates should be versed with traits of the characters and thoroughly psyched up for the auditions.

Auditions starts at 8:00 am- 6:00 pm


MELISSA (18-25 years) She is of medium height, an extremely exquisite lady of Indian descent (not necessarily conforming to this), naturally light skinned with a bewitching and infectious smile, beautiful oily legs, curvaceous model sculpture, seductive to the fine bits of lust with pillowy breasts and luring hips, intelligent and has an easy way of making men fall easily for her.

BRIAN (24-30 years) He is a handsome young man who is portrayed as loving and caring, his actions are overt and he can convince any girl easily with his smooth talks, he is also slightly real to his pursuit. He’s moderately rich and never complains about lack of money.

BRIAN’S TWO COUSINS (Of Brian’s Age) They are two intelligent young men, attractive but open womanizers, driven with an immense desire for flesh( lust), they are so luring and witty and easy to seduce any woman. They take their turns to compete for Melissa’s love, who as it were, gives them their share of her cake (sleeps with them)

MELISSA’S MOTHER (Of a motherly age 40years and above: Much is not said of Melissa’s mother as we only meet her during her burial, Melissa’s reminiscences will intermittently go back to catch up with her mother’s time in a bitter soliloquy. This will make Melissa bitter and fill her with immense hatred for humanity.

MEN AND WOMEN (A congregation at Melissa’s mother’s funeral).This will constitute the EXTRAS.

JOHN (A married man, probably 30-40 years of age) He is an attractive man, rich and cunningly smart. He’s mean and a cheat who lies about virtually everything, from his marital status to his own being. He’s stingy and makes Melissa account for every single coin. He is secretive and likes doing everything in the dark. He’s unfaithful and unreliable. This makes Melissa not to count on him for anything.

A MARRIED WOMAN (of mature age) A lustful woman who is filthily rich and uses this to entice young men, much is not portrayed of her but she is extravagant and uses cash in high end joints in town with innocent young men.

A YOUNG MAN (18-24 years) Portrayed as innocent and ready to do anything for money, he dates much older women/ sugar mommies and his life becomes confined within these affairs. He’s a young blood, energetic and vibrant with youth, he does not give a damn about tomorrow and lives a carefree life.

GOSSIPERS- WOMEN (This will constitute the extras-of mixed age) A loudmouthed group of women discussing other people’s affairs, their laughter is always annoyingly loud with tones moderately low, sometimes suppressed whispers.

PASTOR (30-40 years)A man of great charisma with a commanding voice that calls people for salvation/­ repentance, he’s vibrant with a great voice projection and authority. He never backs down in his preaching.

DAVID (25-30 years) He’s emotionally lacking, at least from Melissa’s perception. He’s a married man who walked down the aisle in a glamorous wedding, so wild and forever chasing young innocent girls, he is portrayed as excessively greedy. His main weapon of destruction is money; on the other hand, he’s kind and an extrovert who confines within his own.

TONY (of David’s Age): He comes out clean and exposed to the ways of the world. He’s a filthy hypocrite who never talks much but when he does, it is to the point and not beating around. He’s married but unfaithful to his ignorant wife.

DRIVER (30-40 years): A cheat who claims to be single, his potbelly and advanced age put much doubt on Melissa about his marital status. He’s relatively caring and ensures Melissa comfort in the car. (Ability to drive will be an added advantage to the character acting this out)

EMMANUEL (of the Driver’s Age): He’s filthily rich; at least that is what he portrays. He provides Melissa with everything. He’s married but Melissa doesn’t give a damn about this. He forgets his wife and kids and invests much on beautiful Melissa. He spends everything with Melissa while his family wallows in a mire of desperation.

EMMANUEL’S WIFE (25-30 years): Much is not revealed about her but she is a woman of emotions who cries much about his husband’s (Emmanuel) waywardness. He’s caring and ensures her children have got something to eat.

A GIRL CHILD (Preferably below 12 years of Age) She’s emotional and touching in her reminiscences and recounts the many times men have moved from their homes to spend with other women, completely unaware of the difficult times they put their families through. The child comes in as a symbol of reconciliation, end of infidelity and the birth of trust in any given union/ marriage.

NOTE: This is a non-profit, student film and actors/actresses should expect no financial benefits, however those involved in this production will stand a chance to feature in a subsequent film cast, sponsored by NGO’S doing HIV/AIDS awareness.

Grasp your chance to elevate your dreams to bigger screens. For more information, call 0729 322340 (Val), 0716 658094/0731 292000 (Jiddy)

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