casting call for a tv series.Apply before 30th JULY

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casting call for a tv series.Apply before 30th JULY

Postby Administrator » Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:14 am

Production title: All's Well

Production Company: Imotions Films

Producer: Ken Kibiru

Director: Makowade Gabriel

Casting Director: Charles Winchez

Contacts for casting director: 0724282965

Project Type: Pilot Series shoot.

Production Type: Independent

Production location: Kenya

Call Backs: 2nd August 2014

Shooting Starts: 10th August 2014

Shooting Ends: 20th August 2014

ALL’S WELL is an all new drama series that revolves around dubious doctors in a tightly knit community with Maobi Church as the heart of the community. Will the church help rid the community of its sins or will the sinners takeover.

Character BIOS

1) Virgil

He is a 28 years old, timid, smart and cautious lawyer with good command in spoken English.

2) Sheila

She is a 27 years old lawyer, overwhelmingly gorgeous, vivacious, curvaceous, emotionally strong, and flexible and can handle herself in tough situations.

3) Judge

The judge can either be male or female on the right side of forties and exudes confidence and authority.

4) Court Clerk

She is a young female in her early thirties who has a great personality, good command in English and is audible and confidence.

5) State Counsel

He is a pudgy looking gentleman in his 40’s, authoritative

6) The Man

Meet a character in his late twenties or early thirties who is an assassin…

7) Trevor

He is in his early twenties, sarcastic, can be funny, tough, loving hating (basically versatile)

8) Joy

She can be an adult of any age with a wonderful phone voice.

9) Sang

He is a short, bald, pudgy, pot bellied gentleman in his 40’s with a distinct sense of humor.

10) Tyrone

Meet a robotic 29 year old who might have mysophobia, he is smart, menacing, an epitome of calmness, dangerous and cold.

11) The Silent Man

He is of a taciturn character and muscled – 30’s will do.

12) Bob Njogu

He is a young man of around 20, smart, weary, loyal who interns at a law firm.

13) Tamara

She is an introvert, but calm, nice, likeable but somewhat of a hypocrite.

14) Nuru

She MUST be so light skinned that she stands out. She has to have a great command in spoken English, can act tough and pleasant in the same breathe… she is 27 years old

How to apply

PS: There will be no physical audition. Only shortlisted actors will be contacted once they submit the following requirements below:

Email the following to

- Your headshot

- Your acting showreel. If you do not have a showreel, record a one minute video of yourself (with your phone camera or get a camera) introducing yourself, stating your email address and have a one minute monologue performance and email it to the address above.

If easier, you can also whatsapp the headshot and video clip/showreel to 0724 28 29 65 and/or 0717 42 74 63

PS: Keep it screen acting. Stage acting will be frowned upon.

Send on or before Wednesday 30th July 2014

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