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After a successful 1st edition, Ubuni School of Media & Creative Arts is back with the 2nd edition of their script and screen writing workshop. In their 1st edition dubbed “Take 1- Basic story structure & screen writing” participants learnt critical elements expected in a professional script by the Film &TV industry, how to write treatments, Plot points, Character and story development, Writing convincing dialogue, Professional script formats, script presentation, What to do next once you have a script ready.

The key focus for this 2nd workshop will be “Writing for Episodic TV”

This is a practical screenwriting workshop where attendees will be exposed to the actual requirements and creative demands of episodic TV writing.

The workshop will take you through:
- Critical elements like formatting a series bible
- Scene construction
- formatting your script
- Character development & story-lining.

The 2nd edition will take place on 7th June 2014 at Katanazi Restaurant, Kirichwa Road, opposite New Nairobi Women Hospital, Adams Arcade, Kilimani from 10 am - 2pm. The charges are only Kshs 1,000 Tea/ snacks will be provided. Space is limited... Book a spot NOW by sending an email to to reserve your place.

Become a better screenwriter & filmmaker. Remember, the basic foundation for all forms of filmmaking is the story...the story is everything!

The science of script writing:
For most filmmakers, both aspiring and already practicing filmmakers in the industry, the focus in scripting is understanding the professional format or template, i.e. the scene heading, the scene description (slugline) & dialogue which for most it ends there. Well, the participants of Ubuni scripting workshop were surprised to know that, that is just the surface of scripting and there is a more complex science behind scripting that makes movies such as Nairobi halflife to stand out.

The science behind brilliant script is that one page of a script is 1min long which probably most filmmakers know, and this is where a critical science, for that matter rules of scripting starts taking shape. For instance a basic rule is that the first 10 pages of the script i.e. 10min of a movie, is what sells the script whereby by the 10th page an incident or plot point must occur. This rule goes on and on in the script, where at specific page numbers e.g page 30, page 75 etc something specific must happen in the script. To make this illustration clear the workshop demonstrated using films like Nairobi half-life for the participant to understand better.

The workshop explored all the rules in scripting and by the end of the day the participants, who by now were overwhelmed to realize there so much they don’t know in scripting, demanded that they have more workshops for scripting. Infact some participants were suggesting that the workshop hike its charges from 1000KSh upwards, since the value they are getting from the workshop was so much. Anyway the good news is that the charges still remain the same as we go to Ubuni Take 2 workshop-Writing for Episodic Tv, Which will still dive into the science & art of episodic TV exploring techniques such as writing a series bible, story line among others.

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