audition alert for a movie- mortal lonliness-4th feb 2013

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audition alert for a movie- mortal lonliness-4th feb 2013

Postby Administrator » Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:21 pm

Daylight story Pictures a combination of former MTV rising star Kevin Gitau and Director Sam anderson, are casting for a new indie feature film called "Mortal loneliness". Production is meant to start on 14th of February as pre-production has already began,

• Production title: Mortal Loneliness
• Production Company: Daylight story Pictures
• Casting Director: Kevin Gitau - 0713497171
• Director: Sam Anderson - 0725272115
• Project Type: Feature Film

• Website:

• Production Start: 14th of February
• Audition Date: Tuesday, 4th of February 2014
• Audition location: Kenya National Theatre
• Audition Time: 11am to 4pm.
• Call Backs: From 6th Feb 2014
• Shooting Starts: 14th Feb, 2014


What do you do when you face your revelation? A daunting question, but one that describes a "Lucky" situation. Why? Because you actually know when it will happen. Marvin is barely in his late 20's and with no parents, no girlfriend, no job, no hobbies and only 2 real friends in his life, he receives the worst news of his life. "YOU ARE DIEING" said Doctor Casper. Shocked as F@*k, Marvin stops listening to the Doc and stares at nothing. What is he sick of? When did it start? Who will he tell? What will he do before then? And how many days does he realy have?!!

An epic Tragedy Drama Feature film. "MORTAL LONELINESS"

Character BIOS

-Character 1- Marvin Kay. 26years of age. height-6"1. skin tone-light skinned.eye color-black body mass: fairly average. Personality: reserved,intuit,caring,polite, fairly humorus
Dresses in Faded pants. hobbies: hanging out with close friends. Favourites Food:mushroom pizza

-Character 2 -Fredd Willis.28years. height:5"8. skin tone:dark complexed. eye color:black
body mass:masculine. personality:hardworking,responsible,workaholic,egotistic. Marital status-married with 2kids. Sense of style: official. Hobbies:drinking. Favorites: Playing golf.

-Character 3 - Sheila foster. 23years. Height:5"9. Skin Tone: Fairly dark. Eye color-black
body mass-slender. Personality: adventorous, passionate. Sense of style: stylish
hobbies:going to comedy clubs.Favourites places:parks

-Character 4 – Shaun. 25 years. Height:5"7. Skin tone: fairly light.

-Character 5 –Olivia. years:26. height:5"7. skin tone:light skinned

-Character 6- Dylan. years:24.height:5"6. skin tone:fairly light

-Character 7: Dr.casper. years:35

-Character 8- Mr Robinson aged 45 years and above.

-Boys and girls between the ages of 23 and 25years

-2kids preferably Asians aged between 9 and 15years

For any enquiries contact sam-0725272115 or kevin-0713497171


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