Audition alert the makers of hekaya za likobe.Apply here

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Audition alert the makers of hekaya za likobe.Apply here

Postby Administrator » Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:22 pm

Luyali Media, the producers of the TV series “hekaya za likobe” (QTV) is CASTING FOR AN UPCOMING TV DRAMA.
Production title: Afande
Production Company: Luyali Media
Producer and casting director: Jirongo Luyali
Contacts: Tel +254 751 733 509/+254 724 733 509
Project Type: Series
Production location: Kenya
Company website:

Audition information:
Email your headshot and full body shot to

Auditions location and date will be provided to shortlisted actors who fit the below character descriptions.

Character BIOS

Family A
Jane-age 25-30 yrs(always scared ,ready to die for her son, not authoritative)
Ben(son to Jane)-age 20-25 yrs(quiet, vengeful, discreet, brave, introvert)

Family B
Inspector Ochieng-(Husband to Winnie and father to Shiks) 30-50years
Winnie(Wife to Inspector) 30- 50years
Shiks(daughter to Inspector and Winnie)-age 20-23 yrs(extremely beautiful, brown complexion, cool, remorseful and in-love with Ben)

Family C
Andrew(Father husband to Milly and father to Wendy)-age-above 45(gay, not authoritative, not available for his family)
Milly(Wife and mother to Wendy)-age-25-30 yrs-(concerned about her daughter, strict)
Wendy(daughter to Andrew and Milly)-age 20-23 yrs (extremely beautiful, in-love with Ben)

Nelly(Ben’s girlfriend and friend to Shiks and Wendy)-aged 20-23 yrs(HIV positive, party animal)
Jeniffer (Nelly’s mother)
Tim (Shiks friend)-age 20-25 yrs(shy, naïve, in love with Shiks)
Jeff(Wendy’s boyfriend)-age-20-25 yrs(always jealous and unfriendly to Ben)

Teacher 1(male/basketball coach)
Teacher 2(male disciplinary master)
Teacher 3(female)

Boy 1-20-25 yrs (basket ball player)
Boy 2-20-25 yrs (basket ball player)
Boy 3-20-25 yrs (basket ball player)
Boy 4-20-25 yrs (basket ball player)
Boy 5-20-25 yrs (basket ball player)


Ladies must be extremely beautiful (brown complexion is an added advantage).They must be stylish and elegantly dressed. Gentlemen must also be stylish and elegant.

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