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Are you funny…energetic & ambitious?Are you ready to become the next face of African T.V? Do you like to act or do you think you can? Are you a 25 – 60 year old Man or Woman who likes / would like to act Well…it’s you we are looking for. Join West East Entertainment for Auditions at:

Venue: Kenya National Theatre Nairobi – Rasmi Room
Date: 9-11th August 2013 Time: 10AM – 6.00PM

Characters Wanted

Yolanda (Female ,4-5 years) - Sweet, spoilt girl. Daughter to Boris and Ruki

Ruki (26 years) - Tall, curvy, beautiful and stylish. Mother to Yolanda and wife to Boris. Spoilt, not motherly.

Kendi (Female,27 years) - Dark slightly plum, stylish. Has no friendly demeanor.

Mrembo(Female,37 years )- A big, chubby and bubbly lady.Very homely and comely. Runs a restaurant.

MR.HANDSOME (M,28 years) tall and handsome. Sharp dresser

Baba Riziki (M, 50 years) - about 5’6, skinny, bald, comical, almost oafish in mannerism and dressing.

Baba Ruki (Male, 60’s)- Short, storky man. Rich, has an aura of arrogance.

BORIS (Male, 32 years ) - Lawyer by profession. Well read, educated. Smart and elegant, distinguished. Tall, medium build, in shape with a friendly demeanor

Mama Ruki (Female, 55 years) - Looks younger than her age. Dresses expensively, jewelry, etc. Air of a rich woman who is used to respect.

MAMA J (F, 55 years) – Friend to Mama Ruki, same social class.

Juma - Boris Dad (Male,50’s)- Well dressed, distinguished, and likable. Religious and straightforward, also a lawyer.

Mponda (M, 24) – Baba Riziki’s son

Kudus - Baba Riziki’s son (M, 25 years) Wannabe DJ, unkempt hair, scruffy looking.

Baba Ruki’s

HOUSEHELP (F,24 years) – Nosy and a busybody

Sindi (F, 18 years) Short and dark lady

Riziki (F, 24 years) beautiful, curvy, stylish walks. Kudus and Sindi’s sister, Baba Riziki’s daughter

Chief Simba Simba (M, 55) Short, tough looking with a beer belly

Ndoto (Male,30 years) tall, dark and handsome always looks presentable with African designers clothing. Spoilt.

BASIRO (F,28 years) Curvy, short, demure.

SOLOMON (M,40 years) Chief Simba’s driver

Aunty Ruki (F, 45 years) light-skinned, smartly dressed business lady.

KIKI – (F, 28 yrs)

Doctor James (M,38 years)

MEJA (M,35 years) Tall, dark and COLORFUL man. Mr. Handsome’s manager

AMINA ( F, 25 years) short, light skinned, humble and sweet looking

Mama Riziki (F,55 years)humble, demure.

G-baby – (F, 26 years) Tall, stylish, sweet-looking.

Worker #1
Worker #2
Huge Roughman #1
Huge Roughman #2

For More information, call 0731921673 or email
Visit to see some of our previous productions


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