Nick Name Ac (essy)
Date of Birth 9th January 1987
Email essydier
Height 5.2 ft
Weight 59kg
Hometown Nairobi
Location Nairobi
Languages English, Swahili, Kikuyu
Profession businesswoman, fitness instructor, secretary (CBO)
Education college
Fav. Actors Lisa Raye, viola davis, mkamzee mwatela.
Fav. Actress Lisa Raye,viola davis,mkamzee mwatela.
Best Roles CEO (Business Woman), Dramatic, Gang Leader, Single Parent, Step mother, young mature lady, ex ’on the side’ lover, teacher, talkative type, geek.etc
Hobbies Acting, reading, Script writing, sports like soccer or one on one games, running, mountain climbing, watching movies and listening to music, beadwork.
Web Site
Facebook Esther Muthoni Ac
Twitter @AcMuthoni
Last Updated 2012-04-27

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