Nick Name
Date of Birth 21-07-1984
Height 5’2
Weight 43
Hometown Coast
Location Nairobi
Languages English, Swahili and a little bit of French
Profession Actress, Business woman
Education Diploma in Tourism Management
Fav. Actors Julia Roberts, Angelina jolie , Eva Longoria , Genevieve Nnaji and mkamzee mwatela
Fav. Actress Julia Roberts, Angelina jolie ,Eva Longoria ,Genevieve Nnaji and mkamzee mwatela
Best Roles Powerful, confident, conniving, controversial, manipulative, temptress kind of roles. However I am ready for any other role besides the mentioned I mean that's why I am an actor.
Hobbies Socializing, Reading, writing, Listening and dancing to music, Hiking, Acting
Awards college I was the best actress and performing artist in the national drama festivals in 2009. BEST T.V LEAD ACTRESS RIVERWOOD ACADEMY AWARDS 2014
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Facebook Janet Mbunga
Last Updated 2014-06-12

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