Hospital negligence is the cause of Actress Maureen Wanzas death. Full story here

Gerald Langiri
September 21 / 2017

The shocking news of the passing of Maureen Wanza and her new born baby early morning of 19th September has still got people talking. The circumstances of her death were still shaky but we now have the full story from Lucky Collins, a colleague, a close friend and the Director of Photography of the shows  Sumu and Almasi; Shows which Maureen Wanza was widely known for her acting prowess.

Collins took to social media to air his grievances and anger as he narrated what caused Maureen’s untimely death;

“I Was At The Kilifi Mortuary! I've Viewed Maureen Wanza's Body And I Wanted Her To At Least Tell Me "Lucky Re-block This Scene But She Didn't Talk To Me..." It's True, Maureen Is No More!!! I Will Miss You Darling.

It Was Painful To Hear Her Mother Tell Us Of How She Passed On. Maureen Was Healthy. A Jovial Maureen Insisted On Them Walking To The Hospital Because She Believed She Was In Good Shape. Even Upon Reaching The Hospital She Kept On Making Fun And Dancing Around..

"Doctor alikuja akamwangalia kisha akaitwa kwenda kuangalia mgonjwa mwengine na kuacha nurses wake hapo. Kisha nurse mmoja akavaa gloves na kutia mkono ili kuangalia kama je yupo tayari kujifungua na alipotoa mkono ulikuwa umejaa damu na hapo ndio uchungu ulianza kuzidi. Maureen aliwaambia nurses muiteni daktari wangu - mpigieni simu daktari aje naumia...lakini nurses waliendelea kuchukua pamba maleso nakufuta zile damu...!!! Damu ziliendelea kumtoka...huku Maureen akiendelea kutaka daktari aitwe ila wapi...mwishowe akamwambia mamake kuwa haoni anaanza kuona giza - mama nafa...niombee sana mama naumia nimefika mwisho. Mwisho alijifungua nurses wakaendelea kumwangalia mtoto ambaye alipumua kwa kama dakika tano hivi kisha akakata roho." Daktari alikuja kisha mamake Maureen na jirani mmoja na pastor wakatolewa nje kungoja ahudumiwe but it was too late!!! Walifatwa na kuambiwa Poleni Maureen Ametuacha!!!

Yes Maureen is gone! It's Gods doing! But my fellow artists, Maureen's death was speed up by QUALIFIED nurses who were INEXPERIENCED! As a matter of fact there are more than four cases of such kinds katika hiyo hospitali but no one questions it. It is sad. Instead of saving lives you are taking one. Its time we put a stop to such doctors and nurses. Enough is enough. I call upon the press n bloggers to visit Maureen's home and together let's tell her story to the world, we at least owe her that much. This shouldn't happen to anyone else. Let Maureen's death be a lesson to all careless doctors n nurses!”

Maureen will be buried on the 30th of September. May her soul rest in peace.

 Maureen Wanza

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