#ShitHappens TO REPRESENT KENYA AT THE #RoldaWebFest 2017

Gerald Langiri
June 12 / 2017

To the avid follower of the Kenyan web series Shit Happens, the makers have some exciting news for you. Just 4 episodes into it, shit happens is receiving international recognition. Yes, the web series has officially been selected as one of the finalists to be screening at the Rolda Web Festival, Colombia in the “Web Series Comedy” (series web comedia) category. The screening will take place on 27th July and 28th July 2017.

Naturally they are very grateful and happy to share with you this moment by not only thanking you for being part of the series but also for the feedback you have given them.

The RoldaWebFest is an international festival of Web Series that is carried out in Roldanillo Colombia and brings together high artistic level projects that have been created or showcased on the Web. They aim to promote the art and culture as well as artistic talent of producers, directors and actors from all over the world.

Visit www.roldawebfest.com for more information about the festival.

 Shit Happens Series

“We are happy to have our web series get international recognition ofcourse. We started the series as a joke, to be honest but the reception that we received from episode 1 was enormous and we decided to continue doing other episodes.” Says Gerald Langiri, the producer who also doubles up as the director and main actor of the show.

“I wrote the script in 2012 and had Gerald in mind to play the role of the main guy. It was meant to be a short film but Gerald saw the script and thought it would make a nice web series and he wasn’t wrong. The beauty about this story is it can take any turn. We were a little skeptical of what Kenyans would think of the use of the word ”Shit” but we are happy that it has been accepted. “Says the Writer and Editor of the show, George Maina Mundi.

Described as a shitty web series that takes you through the life of one man whose life goes through...well…shit, “Shit happens” is a hilarious web series which will leave you looking forward to the next episode.

Now into its 4th Episode, the series can be found on youtube or on their Facebook page “Shit Happens original TV series” where they release an episode per month to which they say they owe it to limited resources but they wont mind releasing episodes more frequent if they get a sponsor on board.

There are also rumors of a movie in the making from the Web Series creators.

Produced and Directed by Gerald Langiri | Written and Edited by Maina Mundi | D.O.P: Albert Nyakundi | Sound: Horace Onyango | Production Company: Pembe Tatu Films and steady Pictures.

Click here to watch the series or watch below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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