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  • Posted On: 2012-10-10 00:00:00

2012 seems to be the year of blockbuster movies in kenya. Nairobi half Life, Keeping it together and now Wrong Number is set to be released.

Wrong Number is a feature film-Drama,that has been shot in and around Nairobi.It is a brain child of Mwangi Kaburugu and the preparations started January this year although the actual shooting took off from mid June.

The other partner & co-executive producer is Zeph Mwangi(Bubbly).The two producers are relatively new in the film fraternity & are determined to leave a lasting impact in the film industry that is in Kenya & beyond.The production house is Kaburuguwood Prime Pictures fully backed by Bubbly Investments.

Wrong Number is a story of love,crime,betrayal & murder.

Starred by James Kariuki(Morgan) it tries to expose how young filthy rich drug baron lives his life,about his dark dealings,ruthlessness&insatiable appetite for women.

He has no time for his "official lady",Janet Chelle(Lily) & that slowly & gradually eats away their union.

He is simply a use & dump kind & will not hesitate to eliminate any threat that stands his way with his dealings or women.One of his "assistants" Biko Nyongesa(Kibunja) is a disgruntled family man.His wife Jane Gitiya(Daisy) & daughter Shanice Ngaruiya(Angel) cant stand his life of gambling & alcohol although he persistently wants them back.

Winnie Njoki(Cindy) is having problems with his boyfriend Jamleck Maina(Jay) who happens to be a rapper in the storyline(and also in real life) & thats where  the big twist comes into being.The title Wrong Number is brought out when Morgan angered by his assistants dials the Wrong Number & the hot naive fresh graduate Cindy picks up.Meanwhile,Morgan is pursuing an investigative journalist Koi Ngujiri(Kate Mawanda) who has damning information about him concerning the murder of a former ex convict & a member of his gang Job Samuel Njiru(Gazibo).

Unfortunately, one of his boys Rafael Muchomba(Matembo) kidnapped an Aids Activist Lilian Shiro(Brenda) who is also HIV positive. Morgan rapes her & then murders her in cold blood before dumping the body. He is shocked to learn that it wasn't the journalist & fears that he might also be infected starts to haunt him.His mission to spread HIV,kill & threaten continues until two special detectives Zeph Mwangi(Detective Douglas) & Busaka Jackton(Detective Morris) are assigned to lead a team of highly trained & effective squad to hunting the Drug baron Morgan Latema.

Complicated?? Maybe, but this nail biting,chilling & unforgiving feature film that is still in its final stages of being launched is surely one to look out for going by the synopsis above.

The film is directed by Philip Cristian Ochieng. Follow updates of this movie by Liking their facebook page here.

Watch the preview of this upcoming movie below.

The Executive Producers;
Zephaniah Mwangi.
Mwangi Kaburugu.

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