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I’ve come across many auditions in my acting career. Some that paid off and got me the role, while others I am still waiting for the call back many years later. After all, they s

If the previous 2 award ceremonies are anything to go by, I wasn’t looking forward to the third Riverwood Academy award that took place on the 12th of March 2016. I really wasn&r

Kenya Film Commission represented by the CEO Lizzie Chongoti, and the French Embassy in Kenya represented by Ambassador of France H.E. Rémi Maréchaux, signed an MOU (ON 2

There was a lot of buzz when news broke out that the highly billed Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T) was coming to Kenya to look for contestants to join their second edition of To

The nominees for the 3rd Riverwood academy awards were announced on 24th Feb 2016 at Planet Cinema in front of government dignitaries and Kenyan filmmakers to beg

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